Expedited Freight

Expedited freight or hot shot loads are a specialty niche in the freight transportation industry. If you require emergency or time sensitive freight delivery then you need a freight expediter. Expedited freight is freight that needs to be delivered today tomorrow or as soon as possible. Depending on where your freight origin and the destination, you may be able to get same day service. This is true for less than truckload (ltl) or full truckload shipments.

Since expedited freight is time critical, you may pay premium rates for this service. It is a case by case issue though. If the expedited freight shipment you need delivered is on a standard “lane” then the premium you pay may still be cost effective. Some of the value added services for these premium rates are on time delivery and instant tracking of the shipment. This will help you be sure that your freight is arriving on time and at the correct location.  Your next step is to get a quote!

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